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Custom Made Marine Exhaust Parts Located in Bellingham, Washington


High quality service, custom-made parts. 

MJ Marine Exhaust Systems, LLC. is the leading choice for custom exhaust systems in the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in commercial, military, and recreational boat and yacht parts. 

We value our customers and understand their need for reliable, custom parts. We aim to provide the very best in made-to-order exhaust system products, customer service, and timely deliveries.

How We Do It

Our continuous rotating process provides an end product with efficient flow and structural integrity. Materials are wrapped on a rotating mandrel, which is kept spinning throughout the curing process to ensure uniform thickness and resin distribution.
Smooth surface, inner corrosion lines reduce the resistance to flow and provide excellent corrosion resistance to acidic environments. Typical tensile and flexural properties of these materials are 19,800 PST and 30,000 PSI respectively (ASPM D-638 and D-790). 

MJ Marine is an OEM supplier of RP tube and tube products. We offer these and other products in a more flexible time frame while maintaining the highest degree of quality.

Clients with a trusted name who trust high-quality service.

Since the beginning, we have had the opportunity to partner with "best in the class" businesses in delivering high-quality products across the USA. 

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