Unicraft Couplers

MJ Marine Exhaust Systems manufactures Unicraft Couplers along with a complete line of marine boat parts and products. Formerly known as Unicraft Marine Products Inc, MJ Marine has over 20 years of fiberglass manufacturing experience serving manufacturers and outfitters of marine vessels.
The Couplers manufactured by MJ Marine are made with Hetron 922 Resin, which is the same fiberglass and fire retardant resins used to produce MJ Marine’s other couplers and tubing. The fittings are lightweight, strong non-corroding, durable and are engineered with a laminate construction sequence. They are constructed of filament wound with axial unidirectional and E-glass mat. There are no pigments of fillers in the reinforced, hand wrapped glass fibers.  Half couplings (threaded on one end) are also available in all diameters. For more information and sizes please view our MJ Marine Products Catalog.  
Fittings are easy to install and they are compatible with approved marine rubber exhaust hose.