Custom Marine Wet Exhaust Systems

MJ Marine uses reinforced plastic tubing and a select group of fiber reinforcements and flame retardant HETRON resins to produce Custom Marine Wet Exhaust Systems. The tubing manufactured ranges in diameters (outside) from 2.5 – 10” and the standard length of our tubing is 10’. The smooth turn elbows have diameters from 1.5 – 10”. For specific dimensions on MJ Marine custom marine wet exhaust systems, tubing, mufflers and components please view the MJ Marine Products Catalog.
Formerly UNICRAFT Marine Products Inc, MJ Marine Exhaust Systems continues to be an Industrial and FRP Parts manufacturer that builds, promotes and sells its own line of high quality exhaust systems. The original UNICRAFT and UNILIFT products are still offered by MJ Marine Exhaust Systems.
There is a substantial difference between wet exhaust systems and the dry exhaust systems. Both are designed to safely take the hot, loud and smelly stuff away from the boat. Any boat where speed is a top priority – and any planing boat- are going to favor a wet exhaust system to keep the speed up. MJ Marine Exhaust specializes in the manufacture of the wet exhaust system for pleasure and working boats.
Engine cooling is also closely tied to the exhaust system. Mixing water with the exhaust before it is routed out of the boat cools the temperature of the exhaust, so fiberglass tubing can be used with no threat in terms of burns or fire. And exhaust noise is suppressed as the water mixes with the exhaust.
MJ Marine specializes in custom orders, and remain flexible in meeting and exceeding customer’s needs in the manufacturing of wet exhaust systems.