MJ Marine Custom Marine Mufflers

MJ Marine produces custom marine mufflers which offer proven noise elimination technology that enables boaters to operate their performance boats in areas where sound emissions are restricted. Whether it’s for recreational or professional boating, noise affects everyone and MJ Marine’s custom marine mufflers helps cut down on the noise with little or no horsepower loss. We produce Custom Lift Mufflers, 180 Degree Elbows, Dual Custom Lift Mufflers, Custom Horizontal Mufflers, Custom Generator Mufflers and Custom Mufflers for Ski Boats.
We meet the needs of the Commercial and Pleasure Yacht industries by providing premier-quality marine exhaust systems and mufflers.
Our custom mufflers are engineered to reduce sound without restricting the exhaust or creating unwanted backpressure, which can keep the engine from reaching peak performance power. Designed-in back pressure compensation and corrosion resistant properties make MJ Marine Custom Marine Mufflers the choice of more OEM’s than other brand. You can quiet your ski boat or fishing vessel quickly and easily. We can install our custom mufflers on any exhaust system, which covers the full range of inboard or stern drive-powered recreational and performance boat applications.