Custom Bow Thrusters by MJ Marine Exhaust Systems, LLC

MJ Marine’s bow thruster tubing is a perfect fit for boat manufacturers and ship outfitters. The custom made bow thruster tubing fits on the bows of cruisers, work boats, sport boats, luxury yachts, pontoon boats, catamarans, trawlers and more.
Bow thrusters are devices that can make a ship or boat more maneuverable and make docking easier, since they allow the captain to turn the vessel to port or starboard without using the main propulsion system.  Large vessels usually have one or more thrusters built into the bow, below the waterline, while boats from 30 to 80 feet may have an externally mounted bow thruster attached to the bow. MJ Marine Exhaust Systems bow thruster tubing and tubes allow for a professional fit and appearance on your boat, whether your boat or vessel uses an external or internal thruster.
The bow thruster tubing constructed by MJ Marine are used on bow thrusters mounted externally on a V-shaped bow; this forward location maximizes the boat’s turning power and provides easy maneuvering with quick response when turning tight corners and navigating narrow waterways. Bow thrusters make backing into slip a breeze with the simple touch of the joystick.  This added control by a bow thruster helps the captain to avoid accidents while docking.
MJ Marine Exhaust carefully matches the thruster tubing to your bow thruster because one size does not fit all when it comes to bow thrusters. Once installed, bow thrusters are intuitive to use and require little maintenance.  Enhance the enjoyment of your boat with bow thruster tubing and bow thruster tubes from MJ Marine Exhaust Systems.