Our Company

Founded as Unicraft Marine Products by Bob Moors, MJ Marine Exhaust Systems has over 20  years of experience in providing marine exhaust systems. We continue to build, promote and sell our own line of high-quality exhaust systems. As conditions tighten in the Marine Industry, it will be necessary to cut costs and keep inventories under control. At MJ Marine, we are prepared for the challenge of helping our customers based on the following:

  • Save on Shipping Costs
  • Respond Faster to orders or special designs
  • We will stock your order until it is needed with cut-to-fit pipe so you only buy what is needed with NO cutting fee.
  • Our Products

    Our products are manufactured using a select group of fiber reinforcements and flame retardant HETRON resins. These materials have excellent fire retardant characteristics and qualify for a class-1 rating with flame spread of _25 (ASTM E-84). These materials also meet NFPA Code 91 requirements for blower and exhaust systems.

    Our Process

    Our continuous rotating process provides an end product with efficient flow and structural integrity. Materials are wrapped on a rotating mandrel, which is kept spinning throughout the curing process to assure uniform wall thickness and resin distribution. Smooth surface, inner corrosion lines reduce resistance to flow and provide excellent corrosion resistance to acidic environments.